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As a Church of England school, we aim to help children develop an understanding of the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ, encouraging them to follow the commandments to ‘Love God’ and ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’

We try to ensure that Christian values, which are largely shared by other world faiths, are at the heart of everything we do in school. We recognise the importance of the following values – peace, love, hope,  joy, gentleness, thankfulness, patience and kindness but we have chosen five that we feel to be essential to our school :

Compassion – which enables us to be gentle, kind, patient as we understand and treat others as we would wish to be treated.

Forgiveness – which enables us to let go of negative feelings towards others.

Respect – which enables us to be tolerant of all people, regardless of their age, culture, gender or ethnicity, and of their belongings and property.

Trust – which enables us to establish the close relationships essential to a joyful and peaceful community.

Justice – which enables us to develop an understanding of what is right and wrong and what is fair.

Although we are a Church of England school, we welcome all children from the local community, whatever their faith. Collective worship takes place daily – as a whole school three times a week, as a Key Stage once a week and as a class once a week.  The focus of worhsip is broadly Christian in character but often deals with general themes linked to personal and social education.  Prayers and reflection time is also built into the curriculum daily.

Children visit St. Paul’s church for all the major festivals of the Church year.

Children may be withdrawn from assemblies or church visits at their parents’ request. Any parent wishing this request must put it in writing.

We follow the Manchester Diocesan syllabus for religious education. This is aimed at giving children a thorough knowledge of Christianity and a general understanding of the basic beliefs and characteristics of all the major world faiths.

Welcome to our Worship Resources page.

Here you will find weekly activities connected to Christian values and a link to a weekly themed assembly.

We hope that you find them useful to share with your families.



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