Ofsted & Results

Below is an excerpt from the latest Ofsted report. For the full inspection report please use the download button to the left of the page. Here you can also find links to the St Paul’s page on the Ofsted website, Data Dashboard and the DfE website.

Main findings - this is a good school

Parents are exceptionally positive about the school. They say that their children are safe, and that they are happy that the school takes good care of their health and well-being.

Pupils from a wide range of cultural backgrounds learn harmoniously together, and respect and celebrate each other’s differences.

Good leadership and management ensure that no pupil is disadvantaged because of their social or family circumstances, and that every child is able to participate fully in all aspects of school life.

Governors are long standing in their roles. They know the school well and are fully involved in ensuring pupils’ good achievement.

Teaching has improved since the last inspection. Teachers and teaching assistants plan exciting activities that pupils find interesting and engaging.

Pupils enjoy coming to school. Attendance is above average and has improved each year for the last three years.

The vast majority of pupils, including disabled pupils, those with special educational needs and disadvantaged pupils, make consistently good progress across Key Stages 1 and 2 in reading, writing and mathematics.

Pupils’ attainment in grammar, punctuation, spelling and reading has greatly improved. By the time they left school at the end of Year 6 in 2014, pupils’ attainment in these subjects was close to the national average.

Pupils’ attainment in mathematics has improved, with a higher-than-average proportion attaining Level 6 in this subject by the end of Year 6.

The attainment of pupils with English as an additional language is good. Their progress is better than that of similar groups of pupils nationally.

The leadership and management of the early years provision are good. Teachers’ accurate assessment of how well children are doing, and their effective care and support, ensure that they make good