Care & Support

'Parents are exceptionally positive about the school. They say that their children are safe, and that they are happy that the school takes good care of their health and wellbeing.' Ofsted 2014

We want all children at St. Paul's to feel safe and happy at school and we work hard to ensure a secure and welcoming environment.

Each month whole school and class worship follow one of the Christian values as a theme e.g. friendship, courage, justice where all pupils are encouraged to listen to stories, discuss and develop their own understanding and practice of how to become a valued and tolerant member of our school. Bullying is discussed termly and children know that they are able to speak to any adult in school about problems they may have.
All children receive sex and relationships education appropriate to their age to prepare them adequately for the choices they may be called to make in the future.
We liaise closely with outside agencies to ensure that families are supported where necessary.