Phonics & Reading

Reading at St Paul's
At St Paul's we place great emphasis on fostering a love of reading for all our children. We teach reading using the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. We aim to read with the children every day though guided reading sessions and individual reading whole class readers.

Phonics at St Paul's
We teach phonics using Read, Write Inc. The children are taught phonics according to which phase they are working on and are regularly assessed to ensure good progress.

Technical Vocabulary
Children are taught to understand and use the technical vocabulary of....
Digraph - two letters, one sound. Eg: ay as in play, oo as in zoom, ee as in sleep.
Trigraph - three letters, one sound. Eg: igh as in flight, air as in chair, are as in care.
Split vowel digraph - two letters that are both vowel but are split up by another sound. Eg: i_e as in like, a_e as in make, o_e as in home, u_e as in huge.
Vowel - a, e, i, o, u
Plural - adding an s onto the end of a word to imply more than one.
Root word - the main part of a word that can be altered by adding an ending or a beginning. Eg: playing, swimming, played.
Suffix - an ending to a root word. Eg: played, playing.
Prefix - a beginning to a root word. Eg: impossible, overcooked, unable.