Get St Paul's Talking

Mrs Walton, Mrs Ryan, Mrs Wynne and Mrs Bamford have formed St Paul's talk team.
The talk team, alongside school council, have created a series of talk promises. These talk promises are on display in every classroom and are used as a series of guidelines to support talk activities in class.

Our Talk Promises are:

1.We will respect everyone's ideas because all ideas lead to learning
2.We will show we are listening to others
3.We will give people the time they need to think
4..We will ask questions if we are stuck or want to learn more
5.We will build on or challenge each others ideas to stretch our thinking

The talk team launched our talk promises in a whole school assembly. A power point of what was
discussed is attached below.

To get St Paul's Talking Ms Budsworth will ask all children a thought provoking question in
assembly on Friday. Examples include:

*If you could have a superpower what would it be?
*Would you rather have lots of money or lots of friends?

We will send this question home via the parent app every Friday.
Please spend time over the weekend talking to your child about these.
Each Monday 8.45-9.00 am your child's teacher will devote 15 minutes to discussing children's
responses to the question and promoting our talk promises. Each Monday morning St Paul's will get

If you would like to learn more about promoting high quality talk at home to support our work in school
please speak to Miss Budsworth or a member of the talk team.