Curriculum Overview

We believe that children will learn best when they are engaged and enjoying lessons. We aim to make lessons interesting and relevant by using practical activities and real life experiences wherever possible. Our curriculum is designed to link subject areas into topics where possible to give children a context for their learning.

A detailed breakdown of the curriculum for each year group is accessible from the Policies page.

We are well resourced with an attractive library area. We believe that reading is perhaps the most important skill a child learns and we place considerable importance on children not only learning to read but becoming lovers of books and reading.

Trips, visits and visitors are used to bring subjects to life and we are very lucky in the range of museums, galleries and other attractions we can access easily from central Salford e.g. the Lowry, Salford Art gallery and Museum, Ordsall Hall.

Opportunities are available for residential visits at Key Stage 2, currently to Lledr Hall, Salford's outdoor activity centre in Snowdonia, and to Robinwood, an independent outdoor activity centre.

We have good links with several local high schools which also provide opportunities for children to get involved in curriculum enrichment activities.

We run a wide variety of lunchtime and after school clubs to enable children to develop their skills and interests. These vary from time to time but include, at different times of year, clubs for Chess, Cooking, Guitar, Gymnastics, Football, Rugby, Brass Band, Science , Spanish, Street Dance and Reading.

We are keen to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. In Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments including recorder, guitar and brass.

'Teachers and teaching assistants plan exciting activities that pupils find interesting and engaging.' Ofsted 2014